Ren Oh

Nicole was such a huge support for me and my husband leading up to and during my labor. She is super sweet and has such a calm and loving aura that I felt very comfortable with her right away, and felt well taken care of during my labor. I knew I could trust her to support me and my husband in which ever way we needed, as she not only respected our wishes, but actively worked to support us throughout the whole experience. My husband was really thankful she was there to model and lead him in what he should do for me while I was in labor, and we both felt less scared about the whole thing since we weren't going at it alone!

She was especially great in giving us lots of information and recommendations on all sorts of things leading up to our birth, and also afterwards as well. She knew about all the various things I had looked up on my own, and was able to give me more ideas and options after we talked about them which was great, as well as helping me know what things to ask my OB about through the last few prenatal visits as I figured out what I wanted for my birth etc.

Overall, I felt validated in all my worries/concerns/hopes for my birth and well cared for by Nicole. She was always very quick to respond to both emails or texts, would contact me first to check in with me often.

I couldn't have asked for a better doula at my side, and am so grateful for all her effort and support! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Stephanie Derkatch

I had a great experience working with Nicole! It is clear that she loves what she does, and genuinely wants to help families who are about to have a baby. She listened to all of my concerns, (crazy as they were) and provided me with very useful information, which I could then implement once I went into labor. Nicole has a very calm, supportive demeanor which she displayed at the hospital, even when things didn't go quite as planned. I was so thankful for Nicole's support not only with my physical labor and delivery, but emotionally as well. I would love to work with Nicole again, and highly recommend her to others looking for a doula.