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I’ve long-loved hearing about women’s experiences through childbirth and how it transformed them. After experiencing my son’s birth, feeling confident and capable, I realized where this passion would take me. I strive to help women seek the birth they hope for and explore the things that matter most to them. Your experience transitioning through pregnancy and birth to parenthood will be unique to you and I plan to offer my services the same way.

I’ve lived in Oregon for the better part of my life. I’m a mama of a tender yet feisty little boy, and wife to my sweet husband. In my free time you’ll find me with my guys going on adventures in the Portland area. We love finding new spots to eat and getting outside to get those ya-ya’s out! I received my B.A. in Graphic Design from Oregon State and will always be a creative at heart, but feel my life’s work will be done as a doula.

If you think we’d be a great match, I’d love to hear from you!